You Find It We Fund It!

You Find It We Fund It is an exciting service offered by one of our Vendor Finance partners.

If you have at least 5% deposit and can afford the repayments, our partners can fund the purchase of the home of your choice.

That’s right! You find the house and No Bank Loan is necessary to get started!

Find a house

Even if you’ve been rejected by the banks, got a bad credit rating, low deposit, you’re self employed, an ex-bankrupt or even if you are a recent immigrant …

This offer is limited to just 2-3 applicants per month, and you will need to qualify and be able to prove your income and deposit amount before you can be considered. The offer is only open to houses purchased in NSW, QLD, VIC and ACT.


Our partners are accredited mortgage brokers, hold residential credit provider licences and have many years of experience purchasing homes for families using Vendor Finance.

repayment guide

To pre-qualify please CLICK HERE to submit your application.


Here is how it works:

Once you have been qualified and proven that you are able to afford to buy your own home, our partners will provide finance directly to you, instead of the bank.

They have private investors who are happy to buy a house of your choice on the Open Market for you and then immediately sell it to you on vendor finance.

The price will be marked up, as the investor has to get a return on their money. But the whole process will be managed transparently for you.

You make the regular repayments to our partners, instead of a bank. They become your bank. A more flexible and more personable bank!

The first step is to find out if you qualify, fill in the Preliminary Application Form with accurate information.

We will then put you in touch with our partners, who will discuss what price houses you can look for based what you can afford.

You will need to provide documentation, just like any other lender, as required by law to establish that you can afford to buy a house at the agreed price.

Once you have been given the go ahead, you can go out house hunting and make a list of houses which you’d be happy to call your own.

Our partners will negotiate on your behalf and get the best price and bring a private investor to buy it for you and then immediately onsell it to you on using Vendor Finance.

The Vendor Finance period is usually around 5 years and you can refinance when …

House prices go up
You add equity to the house by doing renovation
You have a good history of payments
Or whatever your challenge was about not being able to get a loan is fixed up (e.g. your bad credit mark expires)
Or you can pay it out any time you like, once you can pay out the loan….


Please remember that only a limited number of applicants can be processed each month. Demand is much higher than supply, and only eligible applicants can be considered.

Click here for the Preliminary Application Form