The Freedom to choose a lifestyle!



David is a landscape gardner & Sam a heritage consultant for a local council.

They are self-confessed environmentalists and have long dreamed about living off the land with their two young kids. They had been renting for years and were fed up with being dictated to by a landlord. They wanted their own home where they can do as they please!


They had approached the banks in the past to try for a loan, because they thought that their combined income would be sufficient to make the necessary repayments on a loan.

But sadly they were knocked back. The banks wanted a large deposit and needed to see a good track record of savings. David & Sam had saved about $10,000, but despite their good intentions, they did not meet the bank’s criteria.


One day, while browsing through, they came across a beautiful property in Woodford, QLD. The two bedroom home on a ¼ acre block was just an hour away from Brisbane CBD and suited them perfectly! So they got in touch with the seller, Matt from Property Freedom Homes, who made it all happen for them.


Matt, who has helped many other families into home ownership, devised a three year Rent To Own plan that will get them started by using their savings to build up the deposit they will need to get a bank loan. By this time David’s business would have also built up the track record required by the bank, and they will be able to complete the purchase by taking out a loan.


David & Sam are now living in the home that they are purchasing and have enough time to work towards the position they need to be in to satisfy the banks. They couldn’t be happier now that they don’t have to rent anymore, and don’t need a landlord’s permission to plant that veggie garden that they have dreamed about!



To get in touch with Matt from Property Freedom Homes, email him here or visit his Facebook Page here.


  1. Tewata Ratahi
    Tewata Ratahi

    (Moderated by Admin)….are we able to ask you to find out if your able to help us out with an existing property up for sale in Innesvale Qlnd its hopefully still on facebook its on acreage & owners advertising it that they cant afford the mortgage anymore.we will be able to come up with about 20 or 30 thousand deposit & get rest off our bank otherwise is it better to do the rent to by thing.

    January 11, 2016 at 9:25 pm Reply
  2. ADMIN (Listing owner)

    Hi Tewata,
    Please contact Matt by emailing hime directly: [email protected]


    January 11, 2016 at 9:44 pm Reply

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