Marina’s bad credit rating


Marina had terrible landlords who would not take care of the property. She was sick of renting.

She was earning a good income but because of a messy divorce her credit rating dropped and she could not qualify for a bank loan. Because of this bad credit rating, the banks didn’t want to know her.

When she found out about Tamar at Innovative Real Estate, she was quite hesitant because she had been told that buying a house like this is a rip off.

Marina found a home that suited her perfectly. It was not fancy but it suited her needs and she knew that the money she would be paying would go towards owning the home.

They agreed on a plan that enabled Marina to make payments directly to Tamar until her credit file had been cleared, so she didn’t need to qualify for a bank loan right away. Tamar made the process very easy for Marina and stayed in touch throughout the term, helping her out when she needed.

At the time of making this video Marina had been in her home for 4 years and she enjoyed watching the property increase in value, knowing that the added equity is hers, not some cheap and greedy landlords.

She has now refinanced into a traditional bank loan and is extremely grateful for the opportunity Tamar had given her, despite her bad credit rating.

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