Light at the end of the tunnel.

Sometimes life throws curve-balls at you, and through no fault of your own, things just don’t work out fairly. But every now and again a light appears at the end of the tunnel….
How the “Deposit Builder” can help buy a home.


Bairbre desperately wanted to own her own home. She was tired of renting and she felt that moving house four times in two years was just about enough!

But, having been recently divorced and self-employed she had all the wrong boxes ticked for getting a regular home loan. To top it off she only had $10,000 for a deposit, an amount that no bank would consider sufficient for a home loan. This was not going to be easy, she thought.

But then some light appeared at the end of the tunnel in the form of All2EzyHomes! Adam and Kelly showed Bairbre a home in Newcomb, Victoria, that she could purchase by building up a deposit over time, before having to go to a bank.

Adam had an expert solicitor draw up the legal paper work that would enable Bairbre to use the “Deposit Builder” strategy by making easy regular payments. Within four years she will have paid off enough to refinance and complete the purchase through the bank.

This fantastic strategy has enabled Bairbre to get her life on track and not have to worry about landlords or rent. Plus this was her own home and she would be able to treat it as such.

Bairbre is now overjoyed and says this about All2EzyHomes:

“…they live up to their name! It was all so easy! I am now living in MY home! I can’t recommend this process enough! Read as much as you can, and you will see it all makes sense… And it is such a joyous feeling, I am in my own home!!! “. 


To contact Adam and Kelly, or find out more about All2EzyHomes please visit their website:

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