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Invest in vendor finance property for cashflow!

Do you know that you can invest in property that gives you immediate income right from the start, without you doing any of the work?

Our associates are long term vendor finance industry experts who provide positive cashflow from day one. They are partnering up with investors who want to benefit from this little know industry that delivers great profits and helps struggling families into the home ownership.

As an investor you don’t have to do anything except buy the house, kick back and receive the cashflow!

They are licensed credit providers and have been doing these amazing cashflow deals for 15 years. And as house prices increase, the market for their services is grows.


How does it work?

Our associate explains:

“Many people want to own their own home but they can’t save up enough money for a 20% bank deposit, even though they have a great income. We can help them as long as they have 5% deposit and can service the loan.

We help them into home ownership by getting private investors like yourself, to buy their house for them. You then immediately on-sell it to them using a terms contract. You provide their finance – vendor finance! They don’t need a bank.

We form a Joint Venture with our investor. The investor is the finance partner – buying the house- and we are the management partner – we do the work.

Payments are made to you monthly!….and, by the way, there are NONE of the usual Landlord expenses as the buyer pays for everything!”

So, what’s in it for the investor? The house is instantly marked up by a healthy percentage and the buyer’s interest rate is 2% above the interest rate of your underlying loan.

Because of these markups, the buyer pays more for their loan than the investor pays for theirs so there are extra funds available every month after your loan is paid to be split between the JV partners. That’s you and us.

Why investors love this:
• you don’t need to be an expert
• you don’t do any of the work
• you get monthly income immediately
• our buyers pay 5% deposit – you get half of that
• you don’t have to research and choose the property
• we organize all the paperwork.

You just need to be able to purchase the house. We can help you organize that too!

And of course, you will know all about the potential buyer and their house and why we think they’re suitable.

Other reasons our investors love this investment:
• No Council Rates
• No Insurance Bills
• No ongoing maintenance costs
• In short no Landlord headaches!

The new buyer pays all the expenses, rates, insurance and maintenance because they’re buying their own home.

So no unexpected emergencies for you like busted hot water services, broken dryers, leaking sinks, etc. What a relief!

There’s also no worry about whether your property will grow in value. The growth is locked in because we’ve marked up the price already and the buyer has agreed to pay a higher price for it.

The wait list of buyers grows everyday, so it is very likely that a match for your investment will be found very quickly.

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