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To start listing a property or business, you don’t need be registered and logged into your account. However, before your listing goes live, you will be asked to register or log in.
When you have logged in your User Name will appear at the top.

Terms and Conditions

Using this site and advertising your property for sale is subject to our Terms and Conditions. You will need to have read and agreed to these before you property can be submitted. Click Here to read the Terms & Conditions.
Take special care to read “(2) Vendor Finance Operators.

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Once logged in, click the “Submit Property” button in the top right of the page, or in the Advertise menu, to go to the property listing area.

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Choose A Package


We offer a range of packages to suit your budget. But for maximum exposure be sure to choose a package that puts your property at the top of the list.
If you select a package but decide you want more exposure later on, you can always Upgrade your listing from your Dashboard. See Editing Your Listing below.


Choose A Category


The category is the Type Of Contract or strategy you are using to sell the house (eg, Instalment Sales, Rent To Buy etc). You must wait for the screen to refresh before you proceed! When the screen has refreshed the relevant fields will automatically be adjusted to suit the Contract Type.
You can then fill out all the other fields. Fields marked with * are compulsory.
Certain fields are conditional depending on the type of contract and will vary based on the information you have already entered,


Keep your listing Title catchy!


Keep your title short and to the point. No need to include “No bank needed upfront!” or “Why rent when you can buy” because all of our listings can be bought without a bank upfront! That information will appear on the listing anyway!

Give your title a “searchable” description. When a buyer is filling out the Search form they are more likely to type in the suburb, or a particular feature like “Pool” or “Ocean View”
Use relevant attention grabbing descriptions like “Family Home with Ocean views!!” or “Sydney house with Pool!” or ”Rent To Buy in Bondi!”


Be Compliant - Not Misleading*!

It is very important to be clear about what you are offering and beware of incorrect and misleading advertising.
The ACCC clearly explains what you can and can’t do:

If at any point of the transaction, the buyer will need to refinance with a bank, we suggest that you should not use the term “No Banks” without clarifying that you mean no banks to begin with.

If you advertise a recurring payment (eg. weekly payment), you must include the total purchase price. It is ok not to include any pricing.

If the transaction includes a component of payment that is adjusted according an interest rate, then it may be deemed a credit contract. In this case credit licencing and compliance laws may apply.  You also need to include information such as the interest rates, comparison rates and any other required information.

See ASIC guidelines for provision of credit.

We strongly recommend that you get help from  a Solicitor when setting up your transaction.

Read the Terms & Conditions


Make It Interesting.


Keep the description brief, but interesting! Make sure you include all the features of the property itself, but don’t forget to make it clear what Vendor Finance terms you are offering.

300-350 words is a good ballpark.

Buyers already know about the great home ownership opportunity you are offering, so make your listing stand out by showing off the home as well. Buyers are used to reading creative descriptions on other Real Estate advertising sites, so make yours as professional as a real estate agent. Appeal to their emotion as well as the practicality of the features.
E.g. “This family friendly home is tucked away on a leafy street in a quiet and safe neighborhood, only 5 minutes drive to the shops…”

Use quality photos whenever possible. Its better have one good photo that a whole bunch of out of focus, bad quality or dark images. Professional photographs will have significantly more impact than “happy snaps”. There is a reason that real estate agents do this!

Remember you are trying to sell a home. Be sure to present it that way!

If there are special conditions or rules (like interest rates) be sure to include them. Where you can, be transparent about the buying price as well as weekly repayments. Also be sure that you are clear about things you can be flexible with like deposits or repayment amounts.


Uploading Images


Depending on the Price Package you choose, you are allowed to upload between 1 and 15 images on each listing. Image file size must be less than 2mb or they will be rejected. Large images will be resized to fit the screen.
Only JPG, PNG and GIF allowed.

Avoid using special characters in the file-name (eg. $&+,?:;[email protected]<>#%{}^|~[] ) as it may not display your image.

Borders around your photos are ok if they are tasteful and appropriate. Bright, loud and flashy borders are NOT allowed. This type of “loud marketing” detracts from the quality of the website and is unfair to those who pay for highlighted Premium Listings. Listings with offending images will be taken down until they are replaced or corrected.

no borders

Configuring your property on the Map

To have your listing location appear on the map on the listing page and on the Map Search page, you need to enter the address into the “Locations & Map Address” field.
The map will automatically update the location of the pin to show your position.
The map address does not have to be precise. So you can point it to a neutral spot that is close by, but doesn’t give away the exact location. However you must at least enter the suburb to have it realistically represent your property.

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Editing, Renewing, Upgrading and Deleting your listing

To edit your listing, log in and click on your User Name link on the top right of any page. You will be taken to your profile and will see your listings underneath. There is a tab for Expert listings and a tab for Property listings. Click the tab to show the relevant listings.

Find the listing you want to edit and click the “Edit” or “Upgrade” button in the listing area to open that listings information form. You can add images, change the description and upgrade to a featured listing.

edit listing

When the listing expires, the “Edit” link will change to “Renew“. Simply click this link to renew the ad and tweak the information. For example use a new title or description.

To delete a sold listing or an expired  listing from your dashboard, simply click “Delete”


*Disclaimer: This guide is for reference only. It is not a comprehensive explanation of what you can and can’t do in a vendor finance transaction and should not be considered advice. SEEK LEGAL ADVICE BEFORE YOU SIGN ANYTHING.


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