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Vendor Finance Options For Fixing Your Real Estate Headaches or Problems

Vendor Finance has been around in one form or another for a long time, it is nothing new, just not understood as a viable alternative to the what is today considered to be the “Conventional” real estate selling strategies.

Do you have an unwanted property?

  • Need to get it off your hands fast?
  • Cash drain stressing you?
  • Behind on payments?
  • Financier giving you a hard time?
  • Want to turn it into a positive cash flow investment? Or
  • Just want it gone?


Do you want buy Your Own Home, can afford the repayments,  BUT . . . .

  • Been turned down for finance,
  • Don’t have a large enough deposit
  • Credit File issues that are no longer relevant, but still stopping you from moving forward?
  • Self Employed or can’t prove your income to financier’s satisfaction?


Are You Prepared to “LOOK  OUTSIDE THE BOX ?



Vendor Finance may be a potential solution that you should consider.

For Owners we may be able to assist you to achieve:

  • Fast CASH or realisation of your equity
  • Debt relief
  • A fresh start
  • Your payments taken over by us

Working with you on your house even if there are:

  • Defaulted Payments
  • Behind on Rates
  • Caveats
  • A lot of repairs needed
  • Bankruptcy
  • Foreclosure
  • Little or no equity

For Purchasers we may be able to assist you if You Can Afford the Required Repayments, but . .

  • Been Turned Down for Finance
  • Don’t Have a Satisfactory Deposit
  • Have Spotty Credit, or a Credit File Issue
  • Self Employed and have Difficulty Jumping Through the Financing Approval “Hoops”
  • Haven’t been in Your New Job Long Enough.


About Vendor Finance

Vendor finance, or otherwise referred to as Seller Finance or Owner Finance, is now becoming more and more popular for buying and selling real estate in Australia.

Vendor finance in most cases should be considered to be a bridge to the conventional finance system. Buyers are encouraged to obtain mainstream finance once they have established a good track record of making payments, are able to comply with the stricter qualification criteria or perhaps have managed to establish a deposit equity in the home over time or by making home improvements. The recommended agreement duration is usually a 3 to 5 year transition period.

Vendor finance terms are a great alternative to buying and selling real estate for a variety of reasons:

  • Vendor finance provides solutions outside of the strict rules of cash sales and cash purchases.
  • Vendor finance solves some of the difficulties that buyers and sellers can face with low deposits, obtaining bank loan approvals, and minor credit defaults.
  • Vendor finance means sellers and buyers can make their own agreements, without making the sale dependent on a bank giving finance to the buyers.
  • Vendor finance is quick – Buyers can move in as soon as they satisfy the seller’s requirements.
  • Vendor finance means that buyers can renovate their house (whether it be by painting, landscaping, or any other way that may improve the property), with the Vendor Financiers approval, knowing that they will reap the benefits as the contractual value of the house will not  change with these improvements.
  • Vendor finance paperwork is very similar to the paperwork for standard sales or rental agreements; it just has a slight twist.
Vendor Finance a Great Real Estate Transaction Alternative

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