Mortgage Rescue


Mortgage Rescue can make it happen for you even when others can’t. We will work with you to create a “win-win” situation so you can walk away with no further worries.

We will take the time to understand what the issues are and work out a perfect solution for you.

Whatever your reason and whatever the situation you are in that makes you need to sell your house fast, we can help!

  • you are behind in your mortgage payments
  • negative gearing is keeping you broke
  • tired of dealing with bad tenants
  • you owe the bank more than the house is worth
  • your house is vacant and costing you money
  • the bank is threatening  foreclosure
  • property in repairs or renovation
  • you are relocating for work
  • you don’t want to damage your credit score
  • going through a divorce
  • you are dealing with a deceased estate
  • you have an unwanted inheritance

We work with you until we uncover the problem and understand the situation that you are in. We will then provide you with a solution that will enable you to eliminate your stress and let you move on.  We can usually work out a solution and get your problem sorted within a couple of days.

All we ask is that you be open to something a bit different, and flexible about how we do it.


Real Estate Agent Licence, FBAA-Finance Brokers Association of Australia

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