Alan & Nicolina – Dungog, NSW

Alan , Nicolina and their five children were wanting to get into their own home in the country, somewhere they could enjoy life and bring up their lovely family.

Like most people trying to get into the property market they were finding it difficult if not impossible to get a bank loan when we first met them. Alan has a great job that pays really well, Nicolina has her hands full looking after their five children.
Despite Alans great job and income, the thing that was stopping them getting a bank loan was the deposit amount the banks were wanting.

Alan and Nicolina approached Anthony & Helen, who are experienced property consultants, and they sat down together to devise a plan that would get them into their own home.

“Straight away we could see that this was a family we could help get into their own home and fulfill their dream of ownership. The plan was so simple and they were so excited to be finally in their own home.”

Anthony’s solution was to use installments to allow Alan & Nicolina to pay of their home.

“They have been in their home for six months now , every time we speak with them they tell us how grateful and happy they are for this opportunity. It feels so rewarding for Helen and I to have been able to help Alan and Nicolina achieve what had seemed previously out of reach for them.”

Anthony and Helen Trimboli – email Anthony here. or call on 0418 500 401


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