Create a great listing

How to create a great listing.

You want your property sold quickly, don’t you?

Its important to understand that buyers can be very savvy and want to know as much as possible about the “product” before they decide for themselves if it is even worth the effort of inquiring.

If they don’t have enough information to make this decision, it is likely that they will keep looking elsewhere.


Pictures and thousands of words.

First impressions count. Advertisers spend thousands of dollars on good photography for a reason. You literally only have a few seconds to capture your audiences interest and a stunning photo is the way to do it.

If your photos are small and pixelated, badly lit or out of focus, you are not selling the true reality of the “product”.
Put simply, which burger ad would you prefer to look at:


Good advertising photo


If you don’t have great photos, make the effort to get them, even if it is just a few good quality screengrabs from Google Earth. Often a web search of a property will reveal historical real estate listings with photos. Make sure you have adequate permission to use other peoples photos!
There are actually even online services such as Box Brownie in QLD that will make your awful photos look awesome for just a few dollars! (No affiliation.)


Tell a story.

On this website, every property sold comes with some kind of vendor finance. Buyers already know this! There is no need to repeat what they already know, so a title like “No Bank Home” or “Stop Renting, Start Owning” is not going to make your ad any more enticing.

Buyers want to know what makes your property more attractive than the next persons, and not just the great terms you are offering. There is an emotional process that they are going through as well as financial, so it is crucial that your ad appeals to that as well.

They want to know how big the bedrooms are, what kind of bench top is in the kitchen and is the backyard big enough to set up a swing and cubby for the kids.

Tell them how close they are to transport or schools and if there are cafes or shopping centers nearby, that is a huge selling point. Don’t leave these “sweeteners” out!

Make your ad “happy” and you will attract more interest….happy house buyers


Tell the whole truth!

Many buyers think they can afford the repayments, but don’t realise that there is more to buying a house than just making weekly payments to the owner.

Unfortunately, many low income earners are attracted to the “no bank” concept and may be disappointed when they discover that a single income of Centrelink payments are generally not sufficient to buy a $500,000 house!

So be clear about who can buy the home you are selling. How much income do they need to be earning to even be considered for application. What kind of credit file blemishes are you willing to consider, and are there any other criteria they need to satisfy before you will consider them as buyers.

There are laws about how to advertise in Australia and what you must disclose and when. Strong penalties apply if you are involved in misleading or deceptive conduct.

To be sure you are aware of the rules, make sure you have read the important message found at the top of the Listing page:


And finally, be flexible!

If your ad has been running for a while and you are simply not getting enough inquiries, consider making changes. Add a new Hero image, change the tone of the story, add some information that may help entice buyers. It is important to not let your ad become stagnant, because buyers will pick up on that and and be drawn to other, “fresher” ads.