True Stories

Buying homes without a bank is a popular alternative to buying the traditional way.
There are always interesting stories behind both the sale and the purchase of a home. We rarely see that side of a real estate transaction!
Here are some stories that have been shared by real people, buying (or selling) real homes without having to first qualify for a loan.
(Please note these stories have been shared with us by third party providers and have been stated as true and correct. We do not warrant that their content is true or correct, and do not represent the authors or persons involved)

An awesome coincidence!

Michael and Tiff shared the following experience with Adam, from All2Ezy Homes:   “My fiancé and I tried everything to buy a house from banks to mortgage brokers but nothing worked actually more like no-one wanted to help from the bottom of their heart. We did a bit of researching… Read more »

Light at the end of the tunnel.

Sometimes life throws curve-balls at you, and through no fault of your own, things just don’t work out fairly. But every now and again a light appears at the end of the tunnel…. How the “Deposit Builder” can help buy a home.   Bairbre desperately wanted to own her own… Read more »

Solving Problems for Buyers & Sellers

Glenn from Smart Leasing To Buy helps both buyers and sellers of properties. Bill & Tanya (names changed) from Florey, Canberra, needed help solving  problems with their property. They had bought a new 5 bedroom house and they were trying to sell their current house via a real estate agent…. Read more »

The Property Solutions Guy

How the Property Solutions Guy helped this family in Buderim, QLD R & M had been living in their home with their 3 teenagers for about 10 years before they encountered some personal problems. Their income was drastically reduced and paying the mortgage and maintaining the house was putting a… Read more »

The Freedom to choose a lifestyle!

    David is a landscape gardner & Sam a heritage consultant for a local council. They are self-confessed environmentalists and have long dreamed about living off the land with their two young kids. They had been renting for years and were fed up with being dictated to by a… Read more »

Lisa buys her own home

With 6 kids, no savings and bad credit, Lisa did not think she would be able to ever own her own home. Watch this video of how Tom from Own Dont Rent helped her achieve her dream.  

Family of 9 owns their own home.

Family of 9 owns their own home.

Dreams can come true through Rent To Own. Tom, from Own Dont Rent helped Anne stop paying dead rent money and start owning their own home! Anne will be making some improvements so all their kids can live together.

Marina’s bad credit rating

Marina’s bad credit rating

  Marina had terrible landlords who would not take care of the property. She was sick of renting. She was earning a good income but because of a messy divorce her credit rating dropped and she could not qualify for a bank loan. Because of this bad credit rating, the… Read more »

Alan & Nicolina – Dungog, NSW

Alan , Nicolina and their five children were wanting to get into their own home in the country, somewhere they could enjoy life and bring up their lovely family. Like most people trying to get into the property market they were finding it difficult if not impossible to get a… Read more »

Turning a Negative into a Positive

Turning a Negative into a Positive

Stephen from Aussie Housing Doctors got a call from a property owner who saw one of his advertising signs.  This person, let’s call him “Pete”, had a negatively geared investment property in Branxton, NSW that he had been trying to sell unsuccessfully for quite some time.  His agent’s only solution… Read more »