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Jack Dempsey and Tamar Goldstein of Innovative Real Estate have been helping people buy their own houses using vendor finance since 2003. They have an Australian Credit Licence (ACL) and  Real Estate Licences plus brokerage accreditations. They are friendly and helpful. Contact Tamar on 0415 749 492  and Jack on 0405 475 764

An email received from one of their many happy homebuyers:


"Hi Tamar and Jack,

We all just wanted to say a BIG THANK YOU for helping us get into our own home. It seemed a distant dream trying to please the big banks and meeting their criteria only to trip over another hurdle along the way and being told AGAIN thanks but no thanks.

Just when it seemed that we would be renting for the rest of our lives, I somehow (thank goodness) stumbled my way onto your website, and the rest is history.

I could not believe how smooth and easy the process was, nothing was a problem, if we hit a roadblock along the way you somehow managed to steer us around it, while we earned good money and knew we could afford the repayments the banks denied us again and again as we could not save enough for their ridiculous huge deposit, but this was not an issue with you guys.

Jack and Tamar arranged everything and even did the negotiation's for us so we were not hassled by the agent.. Paperwork was mailed, contract were signed and about 7 weeks later we are home owners, BRILLENT, EASY AS PIE

You guys are awesome, love your work

And by the way, they are really nice people, so do yourself a favour and give them a call, you will be glad you did

From a very happy homeowner

Adrian and Frances


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