About Us

Our Mission: To make it easy for anyone to find a home without first having to get a bank loan!

Buy Without A Bank® is a Classified Ad site listing for properties that can be bought without necessarily having to first go to a bank and apply for a loan.

There is a multitude of websites that sell properties this way, but they are mostly limited to the few properties that they own or are selling on behalf of others.

So many Aussies think that they will never achieve home ownership because they can’t raise the deposit required by the banks, or have other issues that prevent them from qualifying for a bank loan.

Our aim is to help bring buyers to a single location where they can view a range of available Vendor Financed properties and find Vendor Finance experts, solicitors, mortgage brokers and other industry specific service providers.

Vendor Financed property sales have been experiencing a popular resurrection in recent years. There is no reason that it should not become a mainstream method of transacting real estate .

We strive the promote industry by being the place to go to when looking for a home to Buy Without A Bank!


Deanne de Leeuw  is the Owner & Director of Buy Without A Bank.
She is an entrepreneur, a businesswoman and loves to help people achieve their property investing goals.

Deanne is also the Owner of Creative Property Academy, which runs the property investing program “Lease Options Made Simple”.

Buy Without A Bank is a registered trademark of Phoenix PM Pty Ltd, a privately owned Australian company. Please contact us for any queries.

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