Solving Problems for Buyers & Sellers

Glenn from Smart Leasing To Buy helps both buyers and sellers of properties.

Bill & Tanya (names changed) from Florey, Canberra, needed help solving  problems with their property. They had bought a new 5 bedroom house and they were trying to sell their current house via a real estate agent. They received a few offers but all were very low. They only had a small amount of equity in the house, and they didn’t want to lose that to a low sale price and agent commissions.

After 3 months with no success of selling they decided to try something different as they needed results fast and the thought of having 2 mortgages to pay was unaffordable to them.

They gave Glenn a call after receiving one of his advertising flyer’s in their mailbox. The real estate agent option clearly hadn’t worked for them so Glenn showed them another way to get their house sold.

In their initial meeting they talked about their situation and Bill & Tanya explained that they already had moved into their new house and need a solution. They agreed on a fair market price for the house and finalised the paperwork a few days later.

Glenn then advertised Bill & Tanya’s house and a number of buyers called up. It wasn’t long before Glenn found a family that lived in the next suburb and they jumped at the idea of home ownership. They weren’t able to qualify for a mortgage because of insufficient deposit, but they did have $10,000 and that was enough to get started and they had enough income to start making the repayments.

The buyers were overjoyed and they had big plans for the house including new garage and shed, painting the whole house and putting in a new kitchen in the future. This was great, because it would add value to the house very quickly.

The end result was that Bill & Tanya’s costs were all paid for each week by the buyer that Glenn had found, and they sold the house for the price they wanted.

The small amount of equity they have in the house will be released in 3 years, plus they get to keep all the tax benefits during that period!

They were kind enough to give the keys to the buyer 1 week early to give them time to paint the whole house inside before moving in. It was a WIN WIN situation to everyone.

“It’s great to help solve the seller’s problem and to also help a lovely family buy a home they will enjoy!!”

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