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buy without a bank

What is Buy Without A Bank?

There are many homes in Australia that can be bought without first getting a bank loan. Browse our listings and contact the sellers to find out if you will be the next owner of that home.

buy without a bank

How Does Vendor Finance Work?

Many sellers are happy to finance the home to you until you are ready to get a bank loan. You make repayments to them that go towards owning the house. You are now a buyer, not a tenant!

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buy without a bank

How Do I Qualify?

If you cant get a bank loan but you have a stable job, a fair credit file and can afford the repayments, a seller may provide finance until you can qualify for a bank loan. A small deposit may be required, but much less than the banks!

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buy without a bank

Can Someone Help Me?

There are many Vendor Finance experts that can help you buy or sell your home. There are also lawyers, mortgage brokers, accountants and others that specialise in this area.

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