Rent To Own/Deposit Layby in IPSWICH $5499 Move-In

57 Hill Street, Tivoli, Queensland, Australia

  • Bedrooms 3
  • Bathrooms 1
  • Land Area 478 sqm


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It’s just TOO BLOODY HARD!!!!

How do you possibly save $30,000, $40,000 or $50,000 deposits to satisfy the current lending requirements to buy  a home the “Old Fashioned Way”.

You’ll NEVER make it out of the “Rent Trap” if you take the traditional approach. It used to work a generation ago; but those times were different.

NOW, the cost of living is so high, there simply isn’t much left after all the weekly bills to save up the deposit.

Let’s say you save up $100/week as a deposit, it will take AT LEAST 4 years to save $20,000.

And that’s assuming “life” doesn’t get in the road and require you to spend it on car issues, health issues, “I’m sick of it being so hard I’m Going On A Holiday” issues.

AND, how much more expensive will the same house be in 4, 5, 10 years time when you’ve finally saved the required deposit?

There’s a better way. A MUCH better way!

The Housing Heroes Live-In Layby is a product trademarked by our company.

Traditional Rent-To-Owns can have some questionable terms and conditions.

We’ve developed a program that will give you confidence that it will work. You WILL own the home if you follow the 5-Step Plan.

Seriously, where else do you get an opportunity to buy an asset worth over quarter of a million dollars, for only $5,000 upfront money.

PLUS, you get up to five years to buy it if you want to, and you don’t have to buy it if you decide not to.

Then YOU get to keep the capital growth which builds your wealth. 

You get the best of both worlds!

57 Hill St TIVOLI gives you that very opportunity.

This is a surprisingly big home inside.

With a massive external reno just completed, it’s looking great.

But don’t despair, you can still increase the value by painting inside. PLUS, you can pick your OWN colours, because they’ll be your OWN walls to do with as you please.

No “Mr Landlord” telling you you can’t paint the kids room bright pink. YOU make that decision.

Built in an era when quality workmanship mattered, the home captures all of the character & charm that Ipswich is known and respected for.

They truly are charismatic places with a feeling of rich history in the walls.

You’ll be pleasantly surprised.

But, there is much more to this opportunity than just a house. 

Housing Heroes gives you more options to buy than traditional agents.

If you need some “Top-Up” deposit funds to help you get traditional finance, you can use our $20,000 Deposit Layby program where you can pay off your deposit AFTER settlement ($100 per week until paid).

Alternatively, our Live-In Layby (Rent-To-Own) program lets you get the home now and get the loan later.

Essentially you can get into the market NOW, even though you may not be “bank-ready” yet.

Basically, you’ll have the Housing Heroes Advantage when you deal with us.

(more details on the HousingHeroes website).

You can either “own” the capital growth, or you can pay someone else for it (when you’re finally “bank-ready”).

Under the Live-In Layby, you own the equity (and stop wasting your money on dead rent).

This a perfect opportunity to get into the market!

To be honest, when the opportunity to actually buy is SO positive, it doesn’t matter if the house doesn’t tick “ALL of the boxes”. It will tick enough, the main thing is you can get into the market and actually own a home that will grow in value over the upcoming years.

That said, there is so many positive things to say about this property itself it’s hard to know where to start.

Beautiful timber floors without a single “creak” throughout the house (a light sand & polish would make the floors stunning). No “creaks” means solid foundations and a well constructed home.

The master bedroom is RIDICULOUSLY MASSIVE!

You could even CONVERT IT TO A 4BR home with a little bit of creative thinking.

It’s not My Kitchen Rules, it’s YOUR Kitchen Rules. The kitchen is HUGE with heaps of cupboard and bench space. 

The stove is nearly new (only used 3 times).

You’ll love the tranquil view over the back yard & gardens, letting the kids play safely in the back yard with the chef keeping a watchful eye on them.

The bathroom is a great size (quite large) and has been set up for someone needing easy access (i.e. excellent for people with restricted mobility).

Who could EVER complain about having TWO toilets? 

The timber cladding on this home is a really unique profile. The rounded and smooth edging profile gives it a real character and class that even stood out as classy in its own era.

We haven’t even mentioned the split system air-con, the front deck, the massive lounge, the …..Come and have a look, you’ll be excited by what you see.

Don’t forget, the Live-In Layby let’s you “Get the Home Now, and Get The Loan Later”.

OR, just buy it NOW the traditional way because it has such good potential in this excellent location.

Price is fixed for 5 Years under trademarked Live-In Layby program.  Upfront Money will come off the Live-In Layby Purchase price. The Live-In Layby occupant will be responsible for all repairs, maintenance and outgoings (rates, insurances & water etc…) during the Live-In Layby Period. The property must be used as the principal place of residence and cannot be used as an investment property during the term. 

Air Conditioning, Garden

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